What Are Backlinks?

What is Link Building and How to Build Backlinks

Backlinks are hyper-links coming from one website to another website. All SEO packages will include backlinks. They create a link that when it is clicked on, will direct you to another website. Backlinks are generally referred to links that are coming into a website. “Links” can often be referring to links that are outbound from a website.

Backlinks, inbound links or links from one website to another website can be very beneficial for the receiving website.

what is backlinking, what are backlinks

Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for any website. Every digital marketer or SEO wants to get high authority backlinks to their website, for good reason.

Not all links or backlinks are the same quality or have the same metrics or power in them. Backlinks that are most desirable are back links with a high “Citation Flow” (CF), “Trust Flow” (TF), “Domain Authority (DA) “and “Page Authority (PA)”

Google, for example, calculates a pool of metrics about a website in order to determine its value in the ranking or search position chain. That is, where a website will come up in the search engines when a certain term is typed into the search bar.

CF, TF, DA and PA are all scales of 1 to 100

As a general rule websites with high CF, TF, DA and PA will rank higher in search results that websites with lower authority.

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What is Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Citation Flow and Trust Flow are metrics provided by a highly respected search engine monitoring website called Majestic that crawls and monitors millions of websites on the Wrold Wide Web..

Citation Flow is a rating, a way of predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it.

Trust Flow is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites are that link to another site.

Domain Authority and Page Authority is a Metric developed and determined by MOZ.com.

MOZ is a highly respected company that monitors millions of websites across the world. It employs its own crawlers and BOTS that travel the World Wide Web and have the ability to look into and around every website in the world and because of their constant surveillance have established a respected rating system.

Both MOZ and Majestic metrics are taken into consideration by search engines and internet marketers everywhere.

What Are the Best Kind of Backlinks to Get

If by now, if you understand the best kind of backlinks to get are from websites with high CF, TF, DA and PA you would be correct.

There is alot more that could be explained about these metrics however, for the average SEO and internet Marketer it is sufficient to understand that the higher these are the better.

It is a well known FACT! Websites with high CF, TF, DA and PA linking to another website will transfer some of that DA and PA to the receiving website. In professional SEO circles this transfer of authority is called “link juice”.

“Link Juice” is the holy grail if you want to elevate your website in search results!

One of the most effective and fastest ways to elevate a website in the search results is to get links form websites that are in a “relevant niche” and have high metrics.

Getting such high quality links is not easy and can either be increadibly difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

The Best Way to Get High Quality, High Authority Backlinks

We believe the best waty to obtain such high quality links is to go to an expert who specialises in such high quality backlinks and who knows what is important to look for in placing links to a website.

The minimum metrics you should get for your website are:

  • CF 10
  • TF 10
  • DA15
  • PA 15